The Studio

DM Penny Press was established in 2015 as a non-toxic printmaking studio. The studio is 650 sft with variety of equipment for differents methods of printmaking. Although this is my personal studio, if you need access to the equipment for a printing project, please contact me.

Printmaking Methods

The following printmaking techniques can be performed

  • Intaglio - Up to 10"x12" Copper plate - Ferric Chloride
  • Intaglio - Up to 14"x18" Copper plate - Electro Etch
  • Solarplate - Upto 8"x10"
  • Photolithography - up to 12" wide
  • Relief prints - Limited by press sizes
  • Mono prints - Limited by press size


Studio Equipment

  • 24x48 intaglio press, 15x30 intaglio press, 16x32 litho press
  • Kelsey Model F Letter Press and limited type
  • Small fridge, microwave, water cooler hot/cold, Keurig cofee machine
  • Small oven for heating plates applied with BIG resist (Not for food), Hair dryer
  • Cutting mat, tear bar, large ruler, magnifying glasses, paper soaking trays
  • Tracing light and portable drafting board
  • Large drying rack, printmaking tools
  • Solarplate light box

Studio Images

Here are some images of the studio 

Items of Interest

The following are additional things of interest

Scissor Jack Press

My first press was home made using a car scissor jack.

Pasta Maker Press

Making a small etching press using an inexpensive pasta maker.

Printing with Pasta Maker Press

This page documents my first attempts printing a drypoint etching and presto foam board relief prints.


Little bit about the history of the studio


Location of the studio


Covid-19 policies

Art Work

A link to my personal art work


Reserved For Upcoming Newsletter


A collection of articles and images I have collected on letterpress.

Get In Touch

  • There is a studio phone, (603) 424-4754, please leave a message
  • You can contact me directly at: davidgray at dmpennypress dot com (change at to @ and dot to .)
  • Or you can fill out this form on the Contact page: