Studio Location

Mailing Address:

D.M. Penny Press LLC
250 Commercial Street
Suite 2005-D
Manchester NH 03101
Studio Phone: (603) 424-4754
(Please leave a Message)

Once you find the building

D.M. Penny Press is located on the 2nd floor of the Waumbec Mill building. To access by stairs, use the North Entrance, when you get to the second floor go through the door at the top of the stairs, turn right, then left. The studio is the second door on the right.

For elevator access, you need in enter from the Middle/Main entrance on Commercial street. Take the elevator to the second floor. On exit, go right, the studio is the second from the end, on the left.

There is a second elevator that is accessible from the rear of the building. Take the elevator to the second floor. On exit, go straight, then left, the studio is the second from the end, of the left.

The building doors are open from 6am to 10pm, however, once you are in the building, you can stay longer.


There are lots of businesses in the building, and during normal business hours, 9-5, parking around the building is difficult. There are visitor spaces, that have a 3 hour limit, this limit is strictly enforced, you will get a warning and will eventually be towed if you abuse it.

There is public parking on the street, and a public lot at Arms Parks at 400 Commercial Street (along Arms Street). There are parking kiosks where you can swipe a credit/debit card. The current rate is $.75/hour, from 8am - 8pm and free after 8pm.

As life is slowly returning to normal, more people driving to work and parking is becoming harder again.

You can also contact the Manchester Parking Division for information about the iPark system or parking permit. Parking passes are $65/month, often with a waiting list, and the iPark system has a $1/month fee. The one advantage of the iPark system is you only pay for what you actually use.