About D.M. Penny Press

My name is David Gray and my primary vocation is engineering, with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. I have always enjoyed the creative process and although both my degrees are technical, both involved a great deal of creativity. In addition to the creative nature of my vocation I have also explored photography, taking classes at both the Worcester Art Museum and the New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA). Later, in the early 90's, I studied pottery for several years at NHIA. More recently I have explored writing and poetry attending workshops, and starting a poetry Meetup Group.

My grandfather was a letterpress printmaker his whole life, starting as an apprentice in 1913 and eventually becoming the President and owner of the Brown and Morrison Publishing Company in Lynchburg VA. When I was a child he gave me a toy letter press. It was pretty cool, you could fill small metal lines with removable rubber type, and then snap the "lines" onto a metal drum, then ink the type and feed small pieces of paper through it. Because of this, I always wanted to try printmaking, but the years passed, and never found the opportunity to pursue that dream. In 2012 I discovered that NHIA offered a certificate program in printmaking. I learned basic techniques for printing making there.

I decided to open my own printmaking studio in Manchester NH. The studio opened in December 2015. I started with a small Conrad 15x30 intaglio press and over the last six years I have acquired additional presses and equipment. I continue to learn and experiment in my own studio. My profession outside of printmaking keeps me away for the studio far more often than I would like, rather than having an unused studio, I offer limited memberships. There are bins and drawers for up to 5 members.

To honor my grandfather, his inspiration and life long commitment to the art, I am named the company after him: DM Penny Press.

Currently, DM Penny Press is a non-teaching studio, there are no workshops or classes. However, if you would like to use the studio to offer a class or workshop. That is certainly doable and has been done in the past.

David Gray