The studio has 650 sft, multiple work stations and a variety of equipment for differents methods of printmaking.

The studio strives to be non-toxic. I have added a ventilation station, so anything with a odor must be used there.

The following studio equipment available for use:

  • Wi-Fi Network
  • Small Ink Jet Printer and scanner
  • Small laser printer
  • Ink Jet Printer for making transparencies
  • H13 HEPA True air purifier
  • Small Refridgerator
  • Small microwave
  • Small Keurig Coffee Maker
  • Small oven for heating plates applied with BIG resist (Not for food)
  • Hair dryers
  • Iron
  • Eletric Griddle
  • Conrad E-15 (15x30) etching press
  • Conrad E-24 (24x48) etching press with micro gages
  • Conrad 16 (16x32) litho press
  • Kelsey 9x13 letter press along with type
  • UV Light box for solar plates
  • Cutting Mat
  • Small Guilloteen Paper Cutter, can also cut solar plate
  • Work tables, counter space and stools
  • Portable luminated tracing pad
  • Tear bars, brayers and knifes
  • Sink
  • Two Small Etching tanks containing Edinburgh Etch (up to 8x10 plate)
  • DC Electro-etching tank using salt water
  • Drying rack (4x6 with 50 racks)
  • Homasote Boards for flattening prints (24"x32")
  • Flat file storage
  • Basic tools: Dremel, Drill, Jigs, Hammer, Saws
  • Eye wash station and other safety equipment
  • Small library of art and printmaking books
  • Fatigue floor mats
  • News print paper
  • Rags
  • Airbrush for acrylic aquatinting
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products.

You are responsible for supplying your own paper and inks and other printmaking equipment you need.